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Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club

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Sanctioned Few LE/MC is a non-profit, Law Enforcement oriented, brotherhood of active or retired Law Enforcement Officials, and select qualified civilians who share a common love of motorcycles and the open road.  Motorcycling is a social sport.  If you are looking for a brotherhood of Law-Enforcement oriented individuals and the camaraderie, loyalty, and dedication that comes with it, then we may be looking for you.

There are 3 main ways to join our ranks.


  • Must be in good standing with your agency;
  • Must own a motorcycle 600cc's or larger. (Cruiser or Sport).


  • Must provide proper credentials;
  • Must own a motorcycle 600cc's or larger. (Cruiser or Sport).


  • Must be referred by a member of Sanctioned Few LE/MC or Sanctioned Few Sister MA;
  • Cannot be a convicted felon;
  • Must submit to a background check;
  • Must be Drug Free;
  • Cannot be engaged in any illegal activity;
  • Must not be a member or associate of any street gang;
  • Must not be a member or associate of any criminal organization;
  • Must own a motorcycle 600cc's or larger (Cruiser or Sport).

All individuals must fill out the form on our contact us page and free up some time to make one of our monthly open houses.  All open houses will be announced on the calendar and upcoming events.