Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club


Sanctioned Few LE/MC is a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club made up of Active and Retired members who have selected Law Enforcement as their chosen professions.  On a limited basis Law Enforcement Associates are also allowed into our ranks.  These aren’t your average everyday citizens. They lead their lives by example and with the highest of moral and ethical standards.

All Full Patched Members have proven their Dedication, Integrity, Morality, and Trust to the Citizens of this Great Nation, to the Laws of the Land, and to the Law Enforcement Community as a whole.

We actively support: Law Enforcement, Other LE/MC Motorcycle Clubs, and the Families of our Fallen Law Enforcement Comrades in their greatest time of mourning.

Sanctioned Few LE/MC is structured and operates as a traditional Motorcycle Club, governed by rules and by-laws, with elected Officers seeing to the day to day business. We are NOT a 1% club and we do not associate with 1% clubs. We do not interfere with the business of any other MC, nor do we lay claim to any territory – our members wear bottom rockers to simply indicate which chapter they belong to. We respect your rights and expect the same in return.


Member Diversity

One or more of our members belong to the following Fraternities, Sororities, and/or Organizations.  Each is arranged in order by founding year.
Circa 832 B.C.
Alpha Phi Alpha
Phi Beta Sigma
International Police Association